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February 19, 2017

I try to show only beautiful things on this website and I do my best not to display the ugliness I experience in Central Park and NYC in general.
I do however maintain a Youtube Channel called 'CentralParkUgly' where I record various situations, conditions, events etc which I believe make the park and the city ugly.
I document these ugly things not out of malice or mischief or hate or any such thing, but rather to make people aware of the ugly conditions with the expectation that they will do something to clean it up.
I've had some puny success over the years but too little to mention, or to take credit for.
My documentation of the 'ugly' conditions is hardly ever sugar-coated--I show things as they are and I NEVER fabricate or use any deceptive techniques.

Yesterday morning (February 20, 2017), at 5:24AM Youtube (Google), terminated my channel;
Google has suspended your Account,, because of a violation of our Terms of Service.
This unjustified termination has been no doubt instigated by one or more of the following agencies which I often embarrass--
*the NYPD
*the Central Park Conservancy
*the NYC Parks Department

One or more of these agencies have chosen to take steps to silence me rather than acknowledge that my videos highlighted problems in the park which should be addressed.

I am ashamed of Google themselves, whose success flourished on non-mainstream videographers, but who has now become too big and powerful that they scorn truthful video documentarians like myself and will quickly veer on the side of mainstream agencies without any reasonable investigation of their unsubstantiated claims.
For now all the videos of the condoms in the parks, the drugs, the illegal driving, the corrupt cops, the pollution, the arborcide, the pesticides, the predatory food vending, the unsafe conditions and so much more has disappeared and the guilty parties can breathe easier that no one is watching them.

Sunday February 19, 2017