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February 18, 2007

I feel that I did pretty well for a long time by not saying what I had on my mind. I have these guys to thank for teaching me to be silent.

It must be a big help to remain silent by carrying around a sprig of evergreen in your mouth.

It should be such a simple rule to respect another person's way of doing things but it appears that this is very difficult to do.

The evil philosophy which infested this pristine land a few hundred years ago is still festering...

Here it is in the form of this vulgar contraption trying to tell my precious friends how they should build a nest for their young.

The narrow-minded human beings involved in the destruction of this sacred nest are in a class by themselves...

The human beings who first constructed and those who are now pretending to want to fix their original mistakes are consistent in their obstinate ways...and as such are just as narrow-minded

they continue to refuse to observe and or take advice from anyone they consider inferior to their false sense of supremacy...namely the hawks themselves.

Isn't it time that we look at our own miserable lives and realize that we cannot stop ourselves from spitting chewing gum on the sidewalk or control a filthy habit like smoking. We kill indiscriminately and pollute our own water, air and land. We sell poisonous food to our own children and start wars for profit. We are in so many ways a failure as a species and yet we refuse to take pattern and learn from every animal around us that are all living in harmony with the world around them and superior survivors to us. Instead of which we shamelessly try to force them to live how we see fit!
We acknowledge our mistakes and do little but entertain ourselves with these facts but continue to make the mistakes and even worse we continue to persecute and torture the humble animals which we should be learning from.

While all these arrogant human beings continue to live their worthless lives Palemale & Lola shall always stand out in the Universe as models of true superior beings.

Their worthwhile lives will register throughout the Universe and make a stronger mark of beauty than any human being can ever or will ever make.

The chances are they may never bring another offspring into this world mainly because of that horrible disease which has destroyed so much beauty in this world...the disease which infested the land of these wonderful creatures only a few hundred years ago.

The good news is that the disease is consuming itself, but it is slow.

It is not really as slow as you think--it depends on how you measure time, or if you pay attention to time at all.

Palemale & Lola went to sleep tonight together on a Linden near the East Drive. A more sacred sight I have never seen.

Confound that sprig of evergreen that fell out of my mouth and make me break my silence…Henceforth I will do what I can to keep it clasped securely between my lips.

You are not 'just a sparrow' my precious little friend--you are blessed with the gift of life and you live it better than anyone I know. You do not lie and cheat and take more from the world than you need and you also will register in the Universe and leave a mark of beauty more than any of my fellow humans can ever do.

All images photographed on Monday Feb 18, 2008.
The burden of being an employee is once again going to take me away from the things I love the most...Washington, DC for the rest of the week and Hollywood through the weekend. I will look for new friends along my way but my expectations shall be kept low.