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February 15, 2009

Palemale, a fine example of Nature getting it right.

Riverside Park couple.

Lola over Fifth Avenue just after adding a branch to her nest.

Riverside Park Mom on a streetlight over the Westside Highway.

Riverside Park Mom.

Her beak is not completely healed but it looks very strong.

Riverside Park Mom over the Westside Highway (bkgnd- crane in the Hudson River).

Riverside Mom moving over to another streetlight further north.

Riverside Mom on the Westside (Henry Hudson) Highway.

A little Stinker (almost one year old I guess), on Cherry Hill in Central Park.

Doing what Stinkers do best.

Palemale about to land on his nest on 927 Fifth Avenue.

Lola on one of several trips to her nest.

Lola over Central Park during her nest preparation.

I think Lola understands.

Riverside Mom over the Westside Highway.

Riverside Mom over the Westside Highway.

Not sure whether this is Palemale or Lola.

Lola about to land on her nest.

All images photographed on Sunday February 15, 2009.