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February 13, 2009

They do not seem to be significant as far as world affairs go.

They may be the last thing on anyone’s mind when millions and billions of dollars are discussed.

But what is a billion dollars?

Where did a billion dollars come from?

And where are you going to find a billion dollars?

When the so-called ‘great minds’ converge to discuss and spend those billions one may hardly think about a little sparrow taking a bath.

But the reality is that all those billions comes from their homes and their flesh.

When you come to think of it, all those billions actually does grow on trees...

These are the true billionaires...the wholesome ones.

These are the true billionaires...the worthy ones.

But they do not flaunt it.

They epitomize humility.

And all I can do is watch and admire them.

Bless you true friends.

All images photographed over the last few days.

...and you too, you little Stinker!