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February 1, 2009

Hi everyone; My WEb host (Yahoo!) is aware of a problem with AOL and Compuserve customers. They are trying to solve this problem but it sounds like a little war between them right now. Yahoo! claims that the problem is in AOL's browser so you may want to use Firefox until this grave issue of not being able to see Central Park Stinkers is resolved.
Website problem update at the bottom of this page:
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mail about the viewing problems.

Palemale over Fifth Avenue on Sunday morning.

Palemale over Bow Bridge with a twig for his nest.

All images above uploaded via Yahoo Store at source "/lib/palemale-store/february109XXX"


All images below uploaded via Yahoo Web Hosting at source ""

Sparrows bathing in a slushy puddle at the entrance of the Boathouse Restaurant.

All images above photographed on Sunday February 1, 2009. Click any image above for 2009 archives.

Website problem update:
It is not certain that only AOL customers are experiencing a problem viewing the images.
On January 13, 2009 I began using a different method of uploading images to my site. To asertain if this is the cause of the problem I'm going to upload the first four images using the old method. Please write to tell me if you can see the first four images and not the others.

Updated section on the Wild turkey disappearance from Central Park earlier this month.

Central Park's Suspicious Wild Turkey Removal * * * Mail about the Wild Turkey