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February 7, 2008

After a quiet ride up to the Model Sailboat Pond I was, after too long an interruption, finally able to see what is truly important...

Palemale about to enter his nest from along Fifth Avenue.

Some much more powerful force than the ones most humans pay attention to has cleared the way for Lola to visit her nest and arrange a twig here or there.

I regretted not forcing myself to take a break at some point and coming up to see them.

So many days have passed--I missed so much.

Even today I figured I should have come in much earlier--so much to see, so much to learn.

But I watched them both plunge into the neighboring trees to harvest their nesting material, and just by the way the wind carried them and just by the way the Sun shone off them I relaxed and was instantly comforted that they were in good hands.

That awesome force is forever at work tending to what is truly important.