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Palemale and his new companion, I'll refer to her from now on as Paula, began mating Sunday afternoon around 2:36PM.

This is the chimney cover of 980 Fifth Avenue (Oreo Building) as seen from Madison Avenue.

A young hawk in the Ramble.

Palemale continues to carry twigs to his nest.

Palemale's mate Paula is perching very close but still not willing to visit their nest.

Palemale off the window of 965 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale off the window of 965 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale on the water tower of 923 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale on the upper terrace of 923 Fifth Avenue.

Cooper's hawks mating on Cedar Hill very late on Sunday evening.

Palemale eventually chased the two Cooper's hawks away from the hill.

Palemale and his new mate Paula going to sleep together on Sunday evening.

Sleep well my friends and thank you for tolerating my prying into your beautiful lives.

Photographed in Central Park and nearby areas, Sunday February 20, 2011.

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