Emergency Vehicle Abuse 4/27/2014

We see and hear them every day and assume that they are on an emergency call. Their sirens blast and cause stress and alarm in all of us whether we recognize it or not.
These emergency vehicles are important to save lives and there is a justification in them having the authority to drive like they do.
But are they always on a genuine emergency response when they drive recklessly and run traffic lights?
The answer is NO. Many times these are immature people just having fun in these vehicles experiencing some kind of juvenile thrill.
Central Park is a common playground for these vehicles including the fire trucks who love to drive through the park to perhaps show off their authority.

Sunday April 27, 2014 10:49AM
North Shore LIJ, Lenox Hill Hospital #1706, Vehicle lic plate #: 13528-EV

The first sight of the vehicle was at 77th Street as it proceeded down Fifth Avenue from it's loud reckless drive from high in the eighties.

Traffic was backed up due to the closing of Fifth Avenue south of 72nd Street.

The inconsiderate driver had he been on a real emergency could have exited on any street on his left but all he wanted to do was bully his way through the near standstill traffic causing stress and alarm in all the vehicles in his path.

Imagine a parent with young children trying to get out of this EMS vehicles way. The driver will not be concerned that he is causing fear and stress in the occupants on the vehicles in his path.

I heard the vehicle's siren up Fifth Avenue around 86th Street. The vehicle drove down Fifth Avenue to 72nd Street and turned right into Central Park. The vehicle then travelled west across the 72nd Street Transverse and turned right onto the East Drive travelling north bound where it went out of my sight and hearing north of the MET towards 86th Street.

The stressful passage of the EMS vehicle was compounded by the fact that Fifth Avenue was closed to traffic at 72nd Street causing a huge backup of traffic at the intersection. The EMS vehicle had several opportunities to abandon his game and exit at any of the side streets to go onto Madison but he/she blasted and howled at the near standstill traffic just so they could enter the park for a joyride back towards where they came.

I am going to report this to the DOT and the DOI and anyone else who may be able to hold these drivers accountable for their conduct on the public streets with the hope that we have more responsible people operating these important emergency vehicles.