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Early July 2005

Sat July 2, 05
I could not get to any of my vantage points at Central Park South today since everyone is out for the holiday weekend. At The Boat Pond I saw a hawk fly north and landed on the Oreo Building. He/she soon disappeared after being constantly harassed by what I believe was a kestrel. I went over to The Beresford by way of The Ramble—quiet in there—but only saw what appeared to be Pale Male flying around the center tower for a few minutes but he never perched anywhere visible while I was there.

Wednesday June 29, 05
Very wet and soggy on Jr's nest. Charlotte returned just before the showers began again around 6PM. She fed one baby while the other laid flat on the wet nest. As the rain started the sleeper quickly huddled under his mom. The other chick was determined to take the wetting directly and hardly budged for the hour and more that it lasted.

(below) Charlotte taking 'the garbage' out of the nest - June 11, 2005

The whole Trump Parc family - June 24, 05

Pale Male Jr. taking off - June 24, 05

Nest Site Update: Friday June 24, 05

At 4:15 PM today Pale Male & Lola were seen mating on The Beresford. Observed by a new 'Regular' Elizabeth.

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Preening her baby - June 25, 05

Junior Mom - June 25, 05

Mom seems to be assisting with homework - Tuesday July 5, 05

Charlotte feeding pigeon to her chicks. Both babies are beginning to exercise their wings - Tuesday July 5, 05

The eight Conservatory Water Ducklings - Entered The Pond on Sunday morning July 3, 2005

I must have hundreds of photographs of Lola on this very spot (Linda #1), why take more today? Because hundreds are just not enough.

Our newest ducklings arrived by boat early Sunday morning - Sunday July 3, 05

A tourist from Baltimore (left), defends her right to a bath at The Gill - Sunday July 3, 05