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Eating Disorder Event

A WALK to help bring about awareness for people with 'eating disorders' - Riverside Park on Sunday October 11, 2009

The staff and volunteers of the event were fueled by Dunkin Donuts which they didn't seem able to stop eating.

There were lots of cupcakes provided by a cupcake bakery for everyone at the event.

One of their sponsors was NESTLE the company which supplies the world with an ample supply of products to nourish the strongest eating disorders... Click here for Nestle Food Brands.

I am not too concerned with the hypocrisy of events like this, what I am concerned with is what they leave behind to hurt innocent animals...

I spoke very nicely to the event staff when the first bunch of balloons got caught in the tree, but they instantly got defensive and said that it was not their balloons.

At the end of the event they did attempt to pop the balloons but in a very careless way which set dozens of them up into the sky and trees. They also gave balloons to kids which were playfully set free to the delight of some parents.

One obtuse member of the organization threatened to call the cops for me for 'taking pictures of their balloons in the trees'.

The letter below is a copy of the complaint I made directed to the NYC Parks & Recreation to penalize this organization for their carelessness with those balloons which cause suffering to innocent animals.
Kevin Jeffreys of The NYC Parks & Recreation department (212) 360-1381, was informed of this on Sunday while the balloons were still lodged in the trees. The balloons clearly has the organization's name and logo on them so there is no excuse for evidence.

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