Earth Day 4/26/2009

I am posting these images not to embarrass anyone especially the Central Park Conservancy whose dropped the ball on 'Earth Day'. I am attempting to show that the consciousness of this supposed crisis with the earth hardly exist except for a few buzz words like Eco-this and Bio-that.

All in all the majority of people in this city and around the world (I'll stick to areas of my own observations however) makes inadequate changes to their regular habits to attempt to help the situation.

The CP Conservancy certainly does a great job daily to clean the park, but they operate and carry about their work in an insincere manner.

the contract between the Parks and the Conservancy you'll see that there is no, and never was any, plan to train the original custodians of Central Park (the NYC Parks & Recreation Department) to operate Central Park. If the CP Conservancy suddenly dissolves for whatever reason, the NYC Parks & Recreation would hardly be able to pick up or continue the operation of this park at its present rate.

I believe the park would be more sustainable if there were more natural landscapes rather than artificial and over manicuring.

I believe also that if visitors were allowed to be more involved in taking care of the park there would be less maintenance costs. Presently people that visit the park have the attitude that they are in Disneyland and that other people are being paid to clean up after them.

This is the CP Boathouse shuttle bus; It travels from the Boathouse (74th Street), up along the East Drive to 96th Street, then down Fifth Avenue to 72nd Street and re-enters the park. It drives a distance of about 46 city blocks to transport customers a distance of about three city blocks. This bus it one of the most putrid smelling things which must have emission standards that would fail in a third world country back in the sixties. But it continues to operate in Central Park even if it travels empty for most of the times.

Most of these cups of water will be unused.

Dozens of these generators were running for several hours on 'Earth Day' in Central Park.

For the one day that Central Park attempted to claim that they were conscious of an environmental crisis you would think that the organizers of this event would ban the use of these horrible devices.

The posters for the 'Earth Day' event were proud to advertise that there would be a concert at the Bandshell which would be powered by bicycles.

Of all the cars, trucks and other heavy equipment allowed into the delicate park on Sunday, the animosity for these non-polluting means of transport continued.

Several television and other media vehicles were allowed to keep their engines idling for several hours on 'Earth Day'

This machine did its part in adding to the chaos of what could have been a peaceful Sunday morning in Central Park.

These images were taken only on my limited path as I tried to find my precious friends in Central Park. I can't imagine what it was like in other nooks and crannies of the park on 'Earth Day'.

After seeing this do you think the Central Park Conservancy has any justification in harassing the few Canada Geese that stop over in the park?
The Conservancy management themselves constantly drive around the park in cars not all of which are hybrids or electric, which if they are still uses fuel to operate. Throughout the day you can see these people driving back and forth most of the times they are alone. A bicycle can be a much better way to get around the park for staff who are not hauling anything.
The worse offenders for useless driving are the PEP officers. If they were to use bicycles instead they would get some exercise and get to know the park better and see the rule breakers easier.