Dog kills squirrel July 20, 2010

Dear Mr Jeffrey:

A squirrel was chased, caught and killed by a dog off leash Tuesday evening at the 76th St & Fifth Ave playground (under construction). The owner of the dog began to walk away leaving the badly injured squirrel dying on the ground. I approached him and demanded that he stayed until the police arrived.
I called the CP Precinct at 6:48PM and asked that they call PEP since I had no number for them. The precinct promised to send someone over but no one ever came while a group of us waited--three eye-witnesses, a CPC maintenance worker and the owner of the dog.
A CPC employee arrived around 7:30PM and said she had called PEP. PEP arrived just before 8:00PM and gave the owner of the dog a pink piece of paper. They spoke only to the CPC employee (an older woman) and drove off without speaking to any of the witnesses.

Being that the three PEP officers which arrived are three which I know personally I strongly suspect that they will not treat this incident seriously and as such I am determined to make sure that they do. The CPC employee said that they told the dog owner that 'the judge is just going to throw it out!'

Please contact me to discuss this further. Photos of the three male PEP officers which showed up are attached here from file photos.

Lincoln Karim