Doug Blonsky July 24, 2007

Dear Mr Blonsky:

You've always been a gentleman to me so I regret to take further steps in my attempt to have several issues resolved mostly pertaining to wild animals which has made Central Park their home. You've referred me to deal with Neal Calvanese regarding these issues in the past. Let me state to you that Neil Calvanese is absolutely useless and it is my personal opinion, and that of several people who've dealt with him before, that he should not be referred to for issues when animal welfare is the subject. When this man tells me that rules which are clearly outlined by the NYC Parks are not valid (my term), it shows me that I'm not dealing with a person who has a care.
1. Presently, after years of complaining power boats still race in the Conservatory Water with no regard for the welfare of the wildlife which live there. Most of them chase the helpless ducklings just for fun.
2. The absurd and illegal kite-flying continues on the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond Lawn adding one more threat to endanger the lives of our precious hawks, not to mention the debris clinging to trees all over the park just waiting to get tangled around a bird's neck.
3. Dogs are constantly off their leash outside the legal permissible hours. In the Ramble they are always a problem where they should never be off-leash regardless of the time of day.
4. Rampant, open homosexual sex continues in the Ramble. I take very young school children on walks in the park at times and the Ramble is always an uneasy place to take them because of this.
5. Your precious baseball fields which so much effort and expense goes into is a haven for the consumption of alcohol and pot smoking after many games.
6. Some of your very own staff smokes pot while on duty and while on Central Park property. They also smoke cigarettes while on duty which you may not have a problem with but they smoke in the children's playgrounds when they work there (photographic proof is available is you doubt it).
7. I continually witness the sale and open carefree use of marijuana near the Bandshell, the Mall, and near Central Park South and Sixth Avenue.
8. Human littering including defecation never ever gets punished.
9. Illegal soccer playing on lawns to the point of turning them into a dust bowls goes unnoticed.
10. Fishing is legally allowed in Central Park even if it causes such horrible pain and suffering to the waterfowl and other animals, not to mention the poor fish themselves.

With all these illegal issues unaddressed, here is what I see always addressed:

1. Tripods on grass--this harmless action often gets unnecessary policing.
2. Down and out park patrons (vagrants) are always harassed for consuming alcohol but right before your eyes on the Turtle Pond Lawn, Great Lawn and other popular picnic spots alcohol consumption is shamelessly condoned. What is the difference between drinking from a brown paper bag or a fancy wine glass?
3. The thousands of cigarette butts carelessly discarded on the paths and lawns never gets addressed yet you yourself Mr Blonsky was so proud of your program to chase those poor Canada Geese away (Geese Police program 2007), from this park with feeble excuses that they overgraze the grass and pollute the water. What a horrible thing to say about poor innocent animals sir! Cigarette smoking just doesn't pollute, it kills! The sport of Fishing kills! Those nasty non-electric park vehicles that drive around freely cause pollution not a few Canada Geese struggling to survive.
4. Poisoning rats is a Third World mentality solution to rodent control. Rats are food to hawks! You and the parks commissioner boasts about having Palemale & Lola live here and then you turn around and poison their food. What sick, thoughtless human beings will find nothing wrong with this archaic and cruel practice. As for the rats themselves, aren't they mammals like us? Don't the female rats go into labor just like your mother and my mother did to bring us into this world? Rats have just the same rights and we do to live on this earth.
I will not stand by and watch you and your staff bully these innocent animals without doing something to protect them! I am writing to you to make you aware that I am dissatisfied with your employees' effectiveness in handling complaints and that I am in conference with the NYS DEC Law Enforcement and the Deputy Parks Commissioner in addressing these problems.

Lincoln Karim

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