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I believe the best option to report this is to call '311' in New York and voice your opinion.

Please remember that these trees belong to the earth and presently are in the hands of the people of New York City...they are NOT owned by the Central Park Conservancy!
The tree on the truck above shows no signs of being sick, yet such a healthy tree is heartlessly destroyed by the Central Park Conservancy. There is an urgent need to form an impartial panel of advisors to thoroughly assess the need to destroy our precious trees in the park. The fate of a noble tree which took several decades to grow should not be decided by selfish thinking people like Doug Blonsky and Neal Calvanese!
When asked a worker for the Almstead Tree Care Company answered in broken English "We got to cut the trees down because many people walk their dogs here and we don't want it to fell on anybody!"

The CP Conservancy is on a rampage to avoid any chance of another accident. There were several instances of branches falling on people in the last year or two. For this reason and to pacify a narrow-minded public and Press, the Conservancy is on a malicious quest to remove all trees with even the slightest hint of being sick.

There is no effort to educate the public to be more cautious which surely will include not wearing earphones and/or cellphones which can isolate them from any warning signs of a falling branch. The solution for the unthinking Conservancy and NYC Parks & Recreation is to destroy or precious trees.

After one hour of cutting the tree down. The crew deliberately sprinkles leaves over the covered up area to hide any evidence of the destroyed tree.

I believe the best option to report this is to call '311' in New York and voice your opinion.

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