Delacorte Theater Pigeon

Try to imagine what itís like to be a person who can only sit and watch as your precious home is taken away from you.

You have no one to turn to for help so all you can do is fly back and forth and wonder what is going to happen next.

You do not even possess the alarming voice of a blue jay to protest.

So you just sit and watch and hope that an idea comes to you as to your next move.

Your transgressors are determined in their wicked ways and do not have the slightest recourse to save your home.

But deep inside your soul you know that something brought you through millions of years of ups and downs so chances are that something is still around and still looking out for you.

I feel like I share your predicament when I confront injustices from entities much bigger than me, however in my case, though I am capable to do more, cowardice holds me back.

So lift your precious face to the sky my little friend and worship the sunlight and wind, for they will never abandon you. And trust that the wrong being done to you is destined to be short-lived.

The power which is being drawn to run these machines are also coming from other animal homes being mercilessly destroyed.

The Earth is bountiful but not boundless and soon enough the proficiency you gained to survive under the harsh conditions we create for you will then put you at an advantage over us.

They came into your home to conduct business which is not in tune with the surroundings.

With hundreds of theaters throughout the city they still want to take this sacred sanctuary and turn it into a noisy forum for mindless entertainment.

The one place left on the whole island for the wild animals to enjoy a peaceful life without being run over by cars and trampled by heartless people.

They create a pond and entice wildlife to come and take refuge. They plant trees to be a haven for our precious friends and in the midst of it all a theater was built.

One would think it will be a theater to stage humble productions by people who cannot even dream of making it on Broadway. It looks like it should be a place with open doors where park visitors can slip in easily and watch a simple grassroots performance.

But this is not enough, in a city crammed with theaters and an array of show business forums, the Delacorte theater is growing louder and more out of tune with the struggling attempt to maintain Central Park as a place to get away from the stressful streets of New York City.

In the months of its operation the theater area is turned into an unsightly crowded place. Lines begin from early morning with people sleeping in littered heaps, distracting from the intended serenity of the park and taking away the contrast from the rest of the city.

The admission is free of course--that rule has yet to be corrupted. But there are ways to circumvent that inconvenient clause--Concessions.

This is where these unsuspecting animals are in the way of the Delacorte Theater.

Bad food and alcohol must be purveyed to the people to fatten wallets and dumb down the masses even more than they already are.

But at what cost? The cost of the already tasked environment along with her humble animal inhabitants.