Delacorte Theater Cruelty

Note that the solution cannot presently be to remove the netting since there are several active nests which the parents are able to get into. Suddenly exposing these enclosed nests will cause an even a bigger disaster. I do not have the answer except that Central Park is no place for a major Broadway production. The heavy machinary, the lights, noise, garbage and commotion which this theater produces is just not what theis delicate park and it's precious inhabitants can tolerate. This Delacorte Theater and all the other big events which occur in the park are all driven by thoughtlessness.

May 24, 2009: Some holes were made in the netting so the sparrows can get to their babies.

May 24, 2009: I can still hear babies crying so there are still active nests.

May 12, 2009: The Public Theater (212) 539-8667 in preparation for their 2009 season has heartlessly destroyed all the nests of the birds under the wooden covering around the perimeter of the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

Several nests are still active and you can hear the baby birds crying from behind the black plastic netting which was installed recently trapping the newly hatched chicks behind it.

On Tuesday morning when I reported this to the Central Park Conservancy they simply denied that there is any newly installed material at the Delacorte Theater. The Conservancy workers present at 'The Yard' (Jill and John), both of whom refused to reveal their last names also denied (even without investigation of my claim) that there are any active nests trapped behind the netting.

After I made a scene at the Yard, which I was compelled to do to get them to respond (based on previous experiences) someone from the Conservancy (Maria) was finally sent to look at the area.

Maria completely denied that there were any active nests behind the netting.

After succeeding in getting the stubborn woman (Maria) to shut up and listen to the crying babies she instantly changed her attitude but instead of attempting to address the problem she told me that I will have to deal with the 'Public Theater' and that this was not the property of Central Park.

If this heartlessness can go on in such a public place like Central Park in a city like New York.

One will think with all the birders and all the supposedly educated people which go back and forth in this park that something like this will never happen.

On Tuesday morning as I spoke to the obtuse woman at the Conservancy and cried out to her that there are living babies crying behind the netting she coldly looked at me and said there are no birds there. I then felt what it must be like for an abused woman with bruises on her face to be appealing to the police that her husband was beating her and the latter telling her that the bruised appear to be self inflicted.

They will love me to climb up and cut the netting down at which point their thug-like organization will descend on me like they did when I cut the kite-flying signs down.

Some of my critics may say that I should try a more diplomatic approach. I say to them try it and get back to me.

Last week I caught two of the Public Theater‘s staff members harassing a raccoon at the back of the theater with a bright flashlight. When I approached them they fumbled with an excuse that they were ’throwing their garbage out’.
The Urban Park Rangers whose job it is to look after situations like these are no where to be found.

I console myself that with or without my yelling and screaming that sparrows will still fly long after the fickle people which torment them have all, every last one of us, expired.