DEC Police Letter March 1, 2012

Dear Brent Wilson,
                 Take good care of my friend and handle her gently. Perhaps if you soften your heart youíll feel her beauty and you may get to know the magnificent creature you now hold.
                 I wish I had the chance to tell you about Lima so when you take that long drive with her you may get to experience a little of what it used to be like to worry over her each night and to wait and watch until she finally came home to sleep.
                 On many of those nights Jupiter will be out and Iíll position my eyes from beneath to move ole Jupiter close to her head and then make the planet gently kiss her on the brow. I wish I can share with you the warmth I felt after when I embraced the tree where she slept and sent a kiss up to her along its trunk and mighty branches which held her so tenderly through the night.
                 Take good care of her and allow her to help us know where we went wrong, so that the price she paid with her precious life will not be all in vain, but will help to save her sisters and brothers from suffering her terrible fate.
                 Maybe you can sing a soft song to her to remind her how the Wind did to comfort her on those long cold nights as she sat so devotedly on her eggs and waited patiently for the wonderful life to emerge from her love. Since we took that pleasure away from her this year then maybe a soft song may console her a bit.
                 Whatever path you take as you drive her, make sure there are always trees in her view so she would never feel alone--they were her best friends.
                 Lastly, tell her that the place she holds in her dear mateís heart will always be preserved, just like the place she will always hold in the hearts of all of us who loved her.