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Destructive Concert September 29, 2012

This is one of the signs that the Central Park Conservancy put up all around the Great Lawn following the massive concert last Saturday (October 29, 2012). Why the deception? The lawn was damaged from the foot trafic and heavy equipment from the concert and must now be left to recover for a few weeks.

If the sign reflected this truth (that the lawn was damaged and must now be left to recover) then no one, including myself, can argue with the Conservancy for taking action like this. So why lie about why the lawn is closed?

A handful of corrupt politicians, a collection of deceitful businessmen, old celebrities desperately trying to revive their popularity, a group of Central Park managers with extremely low values, a team of lawyers, and our precious park was turned into a loud, obnoxious place on Saturday.

I am pretty sure that most of the participants of this degenerate concert are not the type of people who cherish the park, nor value the serenity that it was built for.

No one who can claim that they love Central Park will condone an event like what happened on Saturday. Apart from the destruction to the landscape by the heavy equipment and barricades, the pollution generated by the vehicles and generators, and the intolerable noise--the fact is we lost a large part of our park for an entire day.

I will be more than willing to loose a day of Central Park or even a week for a worthy cause--so what was this worthy cause? The organizers claim that they did it to help end poverty. What am I supposed to see from this?

The last massive concert in Central Park claimed that they were going to end homelessness in New York.

Who do we hold accountable for these deceitful claims?

I have no proof to back up any of my rants here--just a gut feeling. I have no time to seek proof when all around me the evidence of false claims are in my face. If these organizations (Robin Hood Foundation, Global Citizen etc.), really want to address poverty why do they use such extravagance to bring awareness to the problem? In my eyes it is just another way to celebrate wealth and the lust to acquire wealth by a chosen few--which is what causes the imbalances around the world and which is why we have what we call ‘poverty’. I wonder if there are real journalists out there, certainly not at the Associated Press and CNN, who can uncover the underlying motives of these organizers like Robin Hood and Global Citizen. I am sure such journalists are out there, but their findings may hardly be able to make it to us since the Media itself may be in the hands of some of these very people behind these deceitful organizations. When there are Press Releases and Press Conferences, how many journalists are willing to dig beyond the information contained in the ‘Press Kit’ to get their copy? In my experience not many are willing to do the extra work and not many have the guts to write it. It is much easier and safer to keep the story within the confines of the Press Kit.

For the sake of some mindless entertainment for just a few hours all these valuable resources were spent and never to be recovered--compare it to using those resources to educate young New Yorkers instead where we could have something much more long lasting than a few hours of noise.