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Palemale winding down his day.

Even if the frigid weather is hard to bear at times, there is some consolation in the quiet moments of scantily trafficked pathways throughout the park which the lower temperature inspires.

A fool perhaps, will trade a pleasant summer day for a day like today where the blood shy from my fingertips to preserve more vital organs of the body which have been led here to endure this cold.

But the rewards of seeing such beauty regardless of the discomfort is well worth the trip.

Rushing away from a world where other things are made to be important, I am determined each day to come here to see what I believe is truly important.

At first this may not appear important, especially when there are so many vulgar voices declaring loudly their impression of what is important.

At times I feel that I must even go along with those vulgar voices, but when I hear and see such support given by the trees and the Wind and the stars then I have to keep my heart set on what I believe.

He may not have had the wings to fly where he wanted, or land on a limber branch to pluck a juicy berry off a tree like other birds do, but he flew happily in the air regardless and was always at the will of the Wind. I cannot think of a more guiding hand for this joyful leaf to be in but in the hands of the Wind and the comfort of the welcoming earth where he at last landed peacefully.

Palemale picked an evergreen to sleep in tonight.

Trees may very well be able to smile. Though a smiling tree may be missed by the eye, it can be easily seen by the heart.

And in my heart I see that this lucky evergreen is smiling contentedly tonight.

All images above photographed in Central Park on Thursday December 9, 2010.

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