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A new or perhaps a returning Great Horned owl visitis the Ramble.

I believe that these visiting friends are less in danger of people watching and admiring them than they are by thoughtless people poisoning their food with rodenticides, and allowing debris like balloons, kite strings and fishing line to keep their trees and hunting grounds unsafe.

Over the years I have noticed that the visiting Great Horned owls were undisturbed by people regardless how noisy they were. However the one thing which continually disturbs their daytime roost are the golf carts used by park maintenance workers. On more than one occasion the owl woke up stared madly at the vehicle and flew off to another tree in the middle of the day. I hope this information makes it to the appropriate people so they can arrange to minimize the use of these motorized vehicles during the owl visits in the Ramble.

To the people who go out of their way to safeguard the location of the owls--I hope I can persuade you to write letters to the Mayor's office to ban fireworks from Central Park. If you believe that people standing under the owl's roosting tree to look at them is so bothersome, then Iím sure you will agree that a half hour of exploding fireworks at midnight may be a little more vexing to them.

Be safe as you hunt tonight my beautiful friend and I'll look forward to visiting you again tomorrow.

All images above photographed on Wednesday December 8, 2010. Many shots of the Great Horned owl are blurry because they were all taken after sunset.

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