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December 8, 2008

Young red tail near Bow Bridge in Central Park.

Palemale laying down some rules for a visiting Stinker.

The young hawk appeared to listen attentively to what Palemale had to say...

But like most Stinkers those rules went through one ear and out through the next.

So our host had to get a little physical.

I found our Riverside Mom on Monday evening wiping her mouth on the streetlight indicating that she had just eaten.

She appears to be managing with her broken beak.

She joined her mate around 79th Street & R'side Drive and went to bed somewhere south of that busy intersection.

Lola on the Eastside.

A young visitor eating on Fifth Avenue sidewalk tree.

Palemale on his favorite Great Lawn tree where he continues to relax and even play on the empty fields. The GL is closed for the season so all shots must be taken from behind the fence.

Palemale on the Great Lawn early Monday morning.

All images photographed on Monday December 8, 2008.

Thanks for all the letters about the photos in National Geographic Magazine, December 2008. Please note that the copies of the magazine which are sent to subscribers is quite different than those on the newsstands. The subscription issue contains four pages of photographs but the newsstand version only has one page.