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December 5, 2015

If I didn't know better I'd say that this red tail flew in to chase the crows away from pestering the Great Horned owl, but I guess I do know better so that can hardly be the case.

You may be able to hear the chainsaw being operated by the Central Park Conservancy contractors. I went over to ask them to stop and told them about the presence of the owl. I discovered, without any surprise, that the Central Park Conservancy has no concern for the wildlife in the Ramble as they carry out work chopping down trees and operating putrid smelling machinery without a care in the world. One CP Conservancy supervisor told me they cannot schedule the work for another time because that owl lives here all year round.
The Urban Park Rangers, though caring and concerned for the wildlife, are powerless to the might of the Conservancy who has evil plans for the park--the welfare of the park's wildlife is certainly not any concern for them.

Saturday December 5, 2015.