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December 30, 2009

Riverside Park baby at last, after many weeks.

Riverside Park Baby in flight. His Mom and Dad flew over several times so they are still in touch.

With my ears well covered for the cold, it was hard for me to pick up all the jeering remarks from the squirrel...

I did hear fragmants like 'fathead!' and 'Yo Mama!' but I can't really say for sure.

He looks clean and well washed behind the ears. His old bathtub down at 83rd Street is still maintained but presently frozen solid.

Palemale & Lola on the Oreo building (980 Fifth Avenue). I'm sure Palemale & Lola can see their grandchild having fun in the sky halfway across the island.

An adult flying over the perched baby at 92nd Street & RS Drive.

Not sure who this is but he/she was flying with the Riverside Park Baby. Doesn't appear to be one of the parents.

Palemale about to join Lola who took off in a dive over the MET.

All images above photographed on a cold but tolerable Wednesday December 30, 2009.