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December 30. 2008

I took vacation days over the last three weeks and have spent most of that time engaged in the company of my wonderful friends from early morning to late evening.

Now I'm back to work in the company of hundreds of TV monitors spewing out images most of which displays the worst of mankind.

As I walk around my place of work which is devoid of anything natural--from the recycled air to the harsh lighting, and worst of all the complacent, machine faces...

happily I am comforted with the fresh memory of all those wonderful little faces from Central Park...

and it would be my fault if I couldn't keep my mind engaged with all their enchanting hopping and jumping and popping in and out of holes and their scratching and yawning.

I would only have myself to blame if for one minute I allowed any of my attention to veer toward any of the sordid distractions purveyed on those wretched television monitors.

Such behavior on my part will certainly be an injustice to all the beauty I am so often lucky to see almost every day of my life.

I would be a selfish person if I didn't attempt to share all that beauty with anyone eager to see it...

and I'll be an unworthy person if I didn't do what I can, regardless how little, to keep that beauty alight.

All images above photographed on Monday December 29, 2008.

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