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December 29, 2008

Riverside Mom (Palemale's daughter), looking very healthy despite the slow growth of her broken beak.

Lola waking up on her night roost at the Beresford. By the look in her eyes she must have had beautiful dreams.

Palemale greeted on Monday morning by the sun and all the other wonderful forces which moves him through his day.

Palemale heading over to the Eastside from his roost near the Pinetum.

Cardinal at the entrance of the Ramble near the Boathouse.

Another special person near the Boathouse early Monday morning.

Red-headed woodpecker in the Locust Grove.

Riverside Mom passing by her mate near 80th Street.

Some force out there allowed this fine lady to endure some tough trials this year.

She takes it all without complaint.

All images above photographed on Monday December 29, 2008.

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