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December 28, 2008

They do simple things, like sit and look this way and that,

and scratch behind their ears and sing monotonous songs.

They’ll fly from one branch to another and sometimes they’ll go right back to where they started.

One may chase the other around a tree and then the very next thing...

they’re sipping from the same puddle together like nothing happened.

They’ll hang upside down to eat a bunch of berries,

when they could have more comfortably eat another bunch of berries right side up.

All in all they do things that appear trivial and easy to slip the attention of an observer of things important.

Yet as things we are sometimes compelled to believe are important disappear from our thoughts...

there is that bird still scratching behind her ear and still singing that monotonous song.

To the extent that the Universe seem dependent on it to uphold its very existence.

And somehow all else seem not to matter.

My desire is to witness as many ear scratching,

berry eating, water sipping, and such as I can...

For I cannot think of anything more important than spending my hours observing the things...

which make the Universe be.

All images above photographed on Sunday December 28, 2008.

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