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December 26, 2008

Lola on Pine Hill Friday morning playing tag with a youngster.

Lola's playmate in the grove of evergreens on Pine Hill, presently not looking too thrilled to be 'It'.

Clutching lightly on a limber pine limb someone is about to get 'theirs' from Lola.

Throughout the day the Clouds were in jovial conversation with the Sun.

And all their precious creatures below the sky busied themselves to celebrate the blessing of posessing the gift of life.

Palemale just west of the Locust Grove.

Neither passing cooper's hawk nor flock of grackles stirred my friend from his gently giving perch...

as he appeared to relish the crisp evening air in the stillness of a hesitating sky.

Palemale flew a strong arc from his relaxed perch south of the Locust Grove and landed here on the Delacorte Theater lighting pole by way of the West Drive.

Lola keeping a close eye on the little Stinker around Bethesda Fountain.

Palemale winding down his day on his favorite Great Lawn tree.

All images above photographed on Friday December 26, 2008.

PS: I didn't realize that the adult hawk playing tag with the young red-tail on Pine Hill was Lola until I looked back at the shots. I'll still leave room for error in my identification.

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