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December 26, 2009

A very wet and hungry Palemale on Saturday afternoon.

There were moments when I felt to be an irrational fool for coming out on such a day, but soon I was happy to be out, regardless of the unfavorable weather, especially to have the company of such revered possessions of the Earth as Palemale, Lola and all those merry raindrops, the latter which occupied themselves tirelessly forming puddles and dripping off the tips of branches. Some even clung to the few lingering leaves which thus far showed some unwillingness to leave go of their hold on branches desperately trying to shake them free like some fed up parents trying to ditch their unmotivated teenage children.
I enthralled myself with their countless antics as they splashed down from the sky and set their siblings free from clumps of icy snow which then all joined and flowed together happily making rapid streams with excited ambitions to find relatives in the East River and even the Atlantic Ocean, while some less adventurous ones contented themselves to huddle together and form puddles and pools in anticipation of hosting many a bird bathing and thirst quenching when the sun comes out tomorrow.
There were times I confess when I may have held a different view of the gaiety all around me when one or more the very little imps managed their way into an opening around my collar so that their cold escapades down my neck weren’t so presently thrilling. But recounting now, I am happy that I was there to be part of their blessed activity--the envy of perhaps all the other bodies in the entire Universe.

Lola possibly going to sleep on a 965 Fifth Avenue window.

Palemale going after a Cooper's hawk on Cedar Hill (which he only managed to frighten away).

All images above photographed in Central Park on a very rainy Saturday December 26, 2009.