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June 26, 2009

Unforgivable action by the Urban Park Rangers--Instead of sending the body of the Riverside Baby to Ward Stone for a necropsy and toxicology testing they 'disposed' it without any testing! Click Here for more info.

Friday evening with two soggy little Stinkers...

They both just hunkered down and enjoyed the heavy rain.

Riverside Park Dad going to check in with his babies before the intense storm.

Lola on the NE tower of the Beresford earlier Friday evening.

Lola with a mockingbird friend.

All images above photographed on Friday June 26, 2009.


Last night I saw my first firefly,
Going by as the earth stood still,
And I wondered deep and high;
How can the earth ever get by,
Without the light from that firefly.
I doubt it ever, and I doubt it shall,
Ever want to loose that firefly.

So I gazed real long and I stared all night,
Admiring that firefly,
Because I never want to loose that light,
From that pure and from that bright,
That wonderful little firefly.

For some moments when she flew I felt,
Like if I knew that all else was unworthy of my thoughts,
And so I focused on the light,
Of my precious little firefly.
Then the evening turned to night,
and with the comfort of her light,
I blessed the sight and I praise the flight,
Of my wandering firefly.

My life began without a doubt,
With the turning on your shining,
And thus my life will end at last,
When your light goes dim and out.


The Legend of Pale Male Website.

NYC Canada Geese predicament

Woodside Houses setback.

Shameful condition of the Hudson River near the Boat Basin presently.