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December 25, 2009

An outside youngster taking the liberty to explore the Model Sailboat Pond with permission graciously granted to him by Palemale & Lola as they have done for many other Stinkers over the last few years.

Lola looking over her nest from the corner of 930 Fifth Avenue (Woody building) watertower.

The lack of sunlight certainly painted quite a different picture from the last few brilliant days. Nevertheless, those sometimes crunchy, sometimes slippery paths did lead to a happy face here and there. Though those icy treks were demanding on the spirit earlier today, I am now recounting them merrily, wishing I had traversed more ground to find more faces especially the one I seek the most each day.

Lola making a brief afternoon stop on the Beresford.

Riverside Park Mom over the River Run Playground.

I may be the one pressing the button to capture these images,

but I do often receive sufficient external direction to disclaim full credit for their compositions.

I wish I could put a warm blanket around them all on cold windy nights like these--predator and prey all bundled snug together so I can hear the enchanting stories they tell before they fall peacefully to sleep.

All images above photographed in Riverside Park & Central Park on Friday December 25, 2009.