December 24, 2004

Dear Rebekah, I'm doing well with mail right now. It certainly has died down considerably. There are five charges/incidents against me:

1. Thursday Dec 9th 7:00PM:

Charge: I ran over to a nanny coming out of the building with PZ's 7 year old son and a dog and yelled at them making the child cry. I said to the child: "your parents are going to pay for what they did!" They had to run back into the building for cover.

What actually happened: I saw a woman coming out of the building with a child and small white dog. I was over at the Park side with the group of protesters. I began shouting "Bring back the nest!". As the woman, child and dog headed north on Fifth Ave I stepped onto Fifth Ave and crossed the Avenue maintaining my shouting. The people continued walking north as I came completely across Fifth Avenue. I maintained at least 15-20 feet between us. As the people proceeded north on Fifth Ave I stood on the east side of the Avenue between 74th Street. A doorman came out of the front entrance of the building and yelled at me "hey don't yell at the 'children' man--you're not going to get anything done by yelling at children!" I instantly turned my attention to the doorman and began yelling into his face "Put back the nest! Put back the nest!" By this time the woman, child and dog was at least halfway up the block between 74th and 75th Street.

2. Sunday Dec 12th 7:00 PM

Charge: As Richard Cohen and his 11 year old son attempted to get into their building I blocked their path, took photographs of them and yelled "House of Shame! Bring the nest back!"

What actually happened: I stood on the south sidewalk on 74th Street near the service entrance of 927 Fifth Ave. I was accompanied by at least three-five other protesters. I saw a two men and a young boy walking west and approaching us. I was not sure if they were residents so I got my camera ready in case they were. The older man yelled at me "Don't you dare take a picture of me!" I instantly attempted to do just that. My camera was not able to focus so I pressed the flash button instead to give the illusion of taking a photograph. As I fired the flash and struggled to get a shot the three people walked into the service entrance. They were never blocked by me or anyone else in our little protest group.

3. Monday Dec 13th 12:20 PM

Charge: As Paula Zahn came out of her building on 74th Street I ran after her and followed her down the street towards Madison Avenue shouting "Bring back the nest!" I chased her down the street and shouted "You and your family will pay for this you bitch!". Etc, etc.

What actually happened (as recorded on my camcorder thank goodness): I was speaking to the NYT reporter at the south/east corner of Fifth Ave. My camcorder was left accidentally on and in my hand but not pointing to anything. In the midst of out conversation I noticed someone coming out of the service entrance on 74th Street. I also noticed a black SUV that backed up on Fifth Ave and was driving along east on 74th. I immediately began chanting "Bring back the nest!" I left the reporter and headed toward the person (unidentified). I pointed my camera in my right hand and I had a cardboard sign in my left and walked toward Madison Avenue chanting "Bring back the nest!" The person, a woman, was way ahead of me and the SUV appeared to be driving to pick her up. I continued walking east with my cardboard sign and camera (which was capturing just swishes and pans, but more importantly every word I said). I stopped chanting at one point because I believe I was out of ear shot and I quickened my walk for a few steps (never ran) and I once again began chanting "Bring back the nest!" When I got very near to Madison Avenue on the south side of the street I got a good look at the woman who was on the north east corner. I recognized her to be Paula Zahn. I instantly stopped chanting and began yelling "It's just a little bird Paul Zahn! All he wants is his nest! Give him back his nest Paula Zahn!" Paula Zahn got into the back of the SUV that had turned left on Madison. As she closed the door I crossed the street and continued yelling. The SUV drove away and I made my way calmly back toward Fifth Ave. My uninterrupted voice recorded every word I said during this incident and it shows that I never made any threats or used any profanity.

4. Monday Dec 13th 7:00 PM

Charge: I stood in front of 927 Fifth Ave and photographed people coming into (or going out) of the building.

What actually happened: I am really not clear what the crime was here but I was never in front of the building taking photographs especially at this particular time. I was on the Park side. I only attempted photography the night before at the service entrance.

5. Monday Dec 13th 12 Midnight

Charge: As Paula Zahn and her husband entered their building I lunged out of a car and began taking photographs of the.

What actually happened: I'm still trying to find evidence of my activities around that time. However I had left that building since 8PM or so and took my scope back to it's storage. At midnight I was certainly at home for several hours. I have at least one piece of email sent by me at 11:50 PM.

Best, Lincoln