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December 23, 2016

A seasonal and timely song for all those who choose to wake up from their slumber. To those who want to continue sleeping, please tune in to CNN.

ONE presidentís fake birth certificate
TWO psychopathic parties
THREE controlled demolitions [9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!]
FOUR-plus poisonous vaccines
FIVE Illegal Executive Orders
FIVE Unconstitutional laws enslaving the people
FIVE (hundred) Sandy Hook Discrepancies & Lies
FIVE new invasive domestic spying policies
FIVE mass-murdering war criminals in office
FIVE colluding international terrorist governments
FIVE (thousand) economic indicators of coming collapse
FIVE ISIS lies that are killing Syrian Children
SIX-fold fake mass shootings
SEVEN bombs a-dropping
EIGHT miles of chemtrails
NINE sheep a-sleeping
TEN Reporters Lying
ELEVEN Pedos emailing
TWELVE war drums beating

Friday December 23, 2016.