December 23, 2004

Author Red Tails In love Marie also gave our hero his name 'Pale Male'

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Nest Site Update Thurs Dec. 23 4:00PM
Frederic just called to say that the work has been completed on the arch. The scaffolding is still up however. He says that both Pale Male & Lola were sitting on the nest just prior to the installation of the supports.

2005 Calendars
Please note that due to all the incidents of the last two weeks, the 2005 calendars were only shipped out Tuesday Dec 21. They will hardly be expected to arrive in time for Christmas but you will certainly have them next week. Please forgive me for the delay.

Last week a Red Tail Hawk was found dead near Bethesda Fountain.
Dr. Ward Stone called me this morning with the results of the necropsy:
Adult Red Tail Hawk, Female.
Cause of death: Rat Poison
Neil Calvanese of Central Park confirms that the poison responsible for the death of the RTH is not one that is used by CP.

A Red Tail Hawk Story The Hawk That Didn't Want To Fly

Number of hours to destroy Nest - 1.5
Number of hours to rebuild Nest - 385 Total??

Pale Male gets a blessing
Blessing of the Animals at Central Presbyterian Church on Park Avenue

Instead of the term 'Pigeon Spikes' let's call them 'Nest Supports'

"A nation's progress can be judged by how they treat their animals." - Gandhi

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A sudden disruption,
Born out of coruption,
Gone is a nest,
But come is unrest.
A loud anxious voice
Was bitterly hated
Soon found a way
To have it eliminated.
Talk is cheap,
And promises are plenty.
Though our heros do fly,
Their nest is still empty.
Now a million lights will make some trees glow,
But to restore New York's brightest spot
Progress is slow.
The hearts of men are hard and cold,
But they are the leaders-
So I am told.

Thank you for all your letters of concern. I'll reply to each one of you.

I am well and laying low for now, but you are all in my thoughts. I am happy that your spirits are up and your voices are still being heard. Pale Male & Lola are depending on your vigilance. If you feel itís right chances are it is.