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December 2008


So beautiful! So good you share these moments with us. I can feel them thru the photographs...Wish you some happy days off from work - and good weather to share with your, our bird-friends up there! Just can't thank you enough!

from NL (the Netherlands)


I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to you! I don't even know what holidays you celebrate, but I am thinking of you and wising you happy thoughts. I am guessing that every day you can spend in the park in the company of Pale Male and Lola and friends there is a holiday, or at least a happy day.

I visit your site every day to share your beautiful pictures. And I have learned so much from them over the years. Thank you.

Sally in Kentucky


I wanted to wish you a very happy Holiday season and hope that whatever Holiday you celebrate you are filled with love, warmth and happiness. I visit every day and shiver to think of our friends perched out in the cold. I pray that they find a warm spot to roost and plenty of prey to eat.

Bless you Lincoln and your gentle soul!

Glendale, CA


Just a short note to wish you all the best and to thank you once again for the joy you bring us with your excellent photographs. Let's hope it is not too bad a Winter for our feathered and furry friends. Thankyou also for going out in all weathers to bring us unusual photos....the hen turkey and the little owls and now the red headed woodpecker.

A Happy healthy New Year, Sincerely,
Norma H


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you Lincoln, and Palemale & Lola & all the wonderful critters that make this world extra special.



How have you been? I haven't written in quite some time although I do keep up with Pale Male, Lola, and the Red Tail Hawk gang at least once a day! Thank you so very much for your incredible effort. I don't know what I'd do without your exquisite photos and wonderful interpretations. I sincerely wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much.

Betty N.


My friend our here in CA subscribes to National Geograhic so I asked her to save the book for me. The problem was that it only had 1 page of you and Pale Male. So, I contacted National Geographic. They said it all depends on advertising and other matters and so not all subscriber’s issues had the 4 pages. Much to my surprise, the person said that she searched around and found an issue with the 4 pages and she will send it to me. I was really amazed…have not received it yet but am sure that I will.
As always, I so look forward to your website each morning. The new little screech owl is sure cute. Do you expect that Pale Male and Lola will continue mating in 2009 even though they have not had success in several years? I so long for them to have a new chick to watch over!!
Please don’t ever stop photographing nature in such a beautiful way!

Mary L.
San Jose CA


I hope you are creating a 2009 calendar. If you are behind ingetting it ready, please don't give up. I'm sure Pale Male and Loladon't know that people decided the year should begin in January. Make the calendar anyway. I'm sure your fans will want it.



I look at your site EVERY day and a lot of the time I notify friends that they need to see it this day or that (the owl was a wonderful example). Sometimes it's rote and sometimes it's, "I really need my Pale Male fix today!' I live in CT because that is where our business is, but my husband and I keep a place on W 73rd Street because that is where our hearts are (we are transplanted New Yorkers!)! You are a bit of 'home' when we can't be there and I am SO grateful to you! I should have written long ago!
Thank you so much for your love of the lives we love too, and the place we love...Central Park.

Very Fondly,
Melody H-D


I saw your recent pictures of Pale Male in Nat Geo and also saw the lens that you are using. I used Google, and wound up at BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF A MAGNIFICENT RAPTOR!
I have been thinking of a much better lens than the 75-300 that I am using on my Canon EOS 20D for quite some time now, and when I saw the pic of you with your super bird lens in Nat Geo, I figured "who better to ask than him, who photographs raptors on a daily basis." What is your preferred lens for most of the shots that you take of "Pale Male? (I know that some of the best telephoto lenses cost a fortune, but I might as well ask anyway.) I am thinking of upgrading my camera from the Canon 20D to a 50D and giving the 20D to my wife, since she likes to use it also. I've had it for over 3 years now and think it is time to move up.
Our circumstances - we live in Clarkston, Washington, a small berg in the southeastern corner of the state across the Snake River from Lewiston, Idaho. We are on a migratory flyway, and get all sorts of bird traffic. Bald Eagles occasionally come to harvest squirrels in the local parks and golf courses, we get a fair amount of passage American Kestrals that come through our 3/4 acre, some of which stay most of the year, and we have flocks of hummers that are so tame after several years of feeding and being close to them that they sit on our hands at the feeders. We have 2 cockatiels who reside in a converted rabbit hutch on our deck in the summer (inside the house for the rest of the year) and a handfull of "pet" chickens to weed our garden. Of course, with the chicken feeders, we get a lot of sparrows (too many). A resident Kestral pair would be a welcome addition, and I'd love to be able to photograph them with more detail than I have had the opportunity to do so far. I have built two Kestral nests, one for the "south 40" (already erected), and one for the "north 40" to be installed in February:
Recently, 2-3 weeks ago, a pair of passage Kestrals took up residence for a short time in this nesting box after evicting a pair of Northern Flickers, but with the recent near-zero weather, I think they have done the smart thing and gone south. Hopefully, they will remember the classy digs here and return in the spring.

Doug B.
Clarkston, WA


Your turkey is a female. No wattles, no beard. Thought you might like to know.
Hope all is well with you and your Central Park Menagerie.

Happy Holidays,
Rob Hayes
way up-state


I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know my jaw dropped when Isaw, the photos are fantastic, and I can relate to the timeyou spend tracking RTHs.
I'm wondering what kind of equipment you're using for your shots,they're simply breathtaking!
We also have something else in common, I have a very rare situation nearme in Toronto Ontario Canada, namely a pair of nesting PeregrineFalcons, the rarity being that it's on a residential condo. As you wellknow, a predatory and at-risk species along with a residential propertyis an interesting situation.
When they were first noticed, I realizedthey needed proper legal protection, and some P.R. / representation tohelp ensure that residents buy into the situation. It's worked out well so far, proud residents, fiesty falcons, and only asmall minority of folks complaining. Really, in the case of Peregrinesand the Endangered Species Act in force up here, we have little choicebut to let them be, thankfully.
The first year was very exciting but sadly we lost 3 of 3 juveniles, butthey were lost in accidents off premises, they did manage to learn tofly and enjoy their freedom, at least for a few months. Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you on the photography and greateffort, it gives me something to aspire towards. I thought I spent too much time watching birds, now I feel I'm in excellent company :)
Check :my blog/site at
And if you don't mind letting me know more about your equipment, I'mplanning upgrades (especially lenses) but torn on what's next, mycurrent zoom is excellent but I'd like a faster longer prime. As youknow the equipment starts to add up. Thanks and again, great work!

Mathew R.



I just saw the piece in National Geographic regarding your photography. I believe you and I are kindred spirits - I am completely in awe of Hawks. I am fortunate to live in Tennessee, where Red Tailed's are a common sight, though my personal favorite - the Kestrel - is becoming, disturbingly, less common it seems.
I just wanted to wish you well and say that I appreciate your fascination with Hawks (and all birds I would wager).
Also - I have often thought about getting into photography of these creatures. . .I have no experience to speak of and don't really know where to start. Can you give me any beginner's advice (equipment, etc, etc)?
Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening, and keep it up!

Kind regards,
Columbia, TN


I was out shopping today where I looked through a copy of the December National Geographic - and at least I got to see the picture of you - albeit a very little one!! It's nice to put a face to a name!
Thanks for the heads-up about the article - and yes! there is only one page in the copy available from the stores - but it brings to everyone's attention the plight of the hawks and their amazing message which you so eloquently bring to the desks and minds of those who care enough to connect.
Thought you'd like to see one or two pictures of what we are so lucky to see when we visit our game farm in the north of South Africa.............the Guineafowl is often predated by hawks and eagles and to see one standing so out in the open was a pleasure.
Thank you for your gift and for sharing it with so many people across the world - you have no idea how far your message goes.
With kindest regards - and have yourself a very Merry Christmas and may the new year be bright.

Karen B.
Nelspruit, South Africa


Just a short note to let you know how much I like your photos. I have been feeding the birds for years and have taken photos out of my back door of the birds at my feeders. They are nothing compared to yours. A hawk came by the other day and got a morning dove. It was all over in seconds. I am amazed that you can get such excellent photos. Your photo equipment must be VERY GOOD!

Dave in Illinois


Thank you so much Lincoln for sending me the photos of Pale Male you took that did appear in the National Geo mag. Once again you photos are marvelous, and show the love and devotion you have for Pale Male and Lola.
I once met you when we picketed across from 940 (?) Fifth ave some time ago.
Since then because of your photography I am constantly alert to the plight of our Red Tail Hawks in the park. Thank you for your constant dedication to these wonderful creatures that are so beautiful to see, and also your great shots of the Owl that I have never seen. What a surprise to see him in your photos,and also the robins and yellow feather birds you present so beautifully as a photographer! Just charmed to say the least and really enchanted. What a marvel of seeing these creatures thru your great photographic studies!

Please keep up your wonder photographic dedication that make our lives so more fulfilling in seeing Nature close up and so clear!!

Best regards,


Congratulations Lincoln on your spread in National Geographic. I knew your pictures couldn't be so beautiful for nothing.Palemale and Lola are lucky to have a friend like you.

You really have no idea the joy you bring to all of u! Thank you, Lincoln!
That little owl is such a treasure to see!


I'm sure I'm not the only person to ask this, but will her [Riverside Mom]beak grow back? Also, any idea how this could happen?
Thank you so much for some of the best wildlife photos it's possible to find and you do it on a daily basis!
Thank you also, for sharing your heart's perception of your "friends". I feel the same about the creatures I encounter in Nature. As the Native Americans say, they are simply other nations, animal nations and not that different from our own.

With gratitude,


Just a quick note to mention that the broken upper beak on the red tailcould be repaired if the bird could be caught and restrained for about two hours.unfortunately, most of the agencies capable of doing that kind of work would want to band the bird.raptors can survive with those type of injuries, but it will slow them down.thanks for a the wonderful photos- i check them out every day. I love seeing the places where i grew up-80th and 5th- and I love the birds.

Yours truly,
Patrice H.
Fairfax CA.


My friend, that is one of the finest photos you have ever taken. It is like looking into his beautiful soul.
Thanks, Glenn.


Great to see your wonderful article in the National Geographic. You should send them some samples of your various glorious bird photos, the ones with the equally beautiful backgrounds. I think that they are the most beautiful photographs that I have ever seen! Thanks for your joy filled wake up call every morning.
Happy Thanksgiving.



I really love you.........I hope you know so many people love and worship you......and depend on you every day!!!!!

no checking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I am really serious about this!
I wish I could physically HUG YOU! I would hug you for 45 minutes.......just to start!!!!!!!!
Then 45 minutes more!!!!!!!!!!!