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December 18, 2009

The daughter of Palemale in Riverside Park Friday morning.

Her father, about a mile away on the Eastside.

Riverside Park Mom just after eating a mouse near the River Run Playground.

Her beak looks quite different than it was a year ago.

Riverside Park Mom perched over the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Riverside Park Mom looking toward the Hudson River and New Jersey.

Riverside Park Mom at the edge of the Hudson River.

Riverside Park Mom hunting mice.

She missed this time.

Riverside Park Mom in a sweet gum tree at the very edge of the Hudson River.

I'm not sure if this is Mom or Dad, but it's one of the Riverside Park parents.

Riverside Park parent.

Palemale hunting for pigeon from 965 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale eats his share of the catch first while Lola waits for hers nearby.

An old friend hangs around Palemale with perhaps an envious look at his success.

Palemale getting ready to give Lola her share of their food.

Lola receiving her share of food from Palemale.

Palemale perched on the MET while Lola continues to eat.

Palemale on his way to sleep on Friday evening.

Palemale & Lola just before heading off to sleep in different directions.

The progress of our Riverside Park Mom's beak healing.

All images above photographed in Riverside Park & Central Park on Friday December 18, 2009.

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