December 18, 2004

Dear Alex, If there were no people like you in this world there would be no point in being in this world. Thank you so much for your support and good sense. I would also like to comfort you by telling you some facts. I never had dialog as stated in the few reports that I read. I kept chanting (louder that everyone else)..."Bring Back The Nest! Bring Back The Nest!" Realize also that we began chanting once the front door was open...sometimes it was a reporter or a delivery person. One night a woman came out with a little white dog and a young boy and we began to chant. I remember being very passionate and as they walked up Fifth Ave I crossed the street and chanted after them. I had no idea who they were. The kid certainly didn't cry that I saw anyway. The doorman came out and yelled at me saying "Don't yell at kids man, you'll never solve anything by yelling at kids!" I turned to him and chanted right in his face. Two days later Mary Tyler Moore mentioned to me "Lincoln I know how you love Pale Male and his family but you must also realize that the children in the building are innocent and you shouldn't yell at them." She told me that the kid from two nights before was Paula Zahn's and that he had mental problems. I apologized to Mary on their behalf and the nest day I wrote a note to the doormen of the building. "To The doormen of 927 5th Ave: I know you guys love those hawks and I'm sorry that you are getting yelled at. I'm also sorry for yelling at the kid two nights ago and I promise you that I'll never yell at kids anymore..." I told Mary that night what I did and she hugged me and thanked me. The incident with Paula Zahn happened like this: The NY Times reported was talking to me on the corner of 74th & 5th. I saw an SUV back up from in front of the building and took the side street. I suspected that someone was trying to sneak out the service entrance. I saw a tall slim woman walk out and I began chanting "Bring Back The Nest...!" She walked towards Madison and I began rolling the MiniDV camera in my right hand and I had a cardboard sign in my left. She was way ahead of me (captured on the camera thank God!). I quickened my pace and tried to catch up with her. All along I was chanting "Bring Back The Nest..." When I got to Madison she was about to get into the back seat of her SUV and I went into a monolog..."Paula Zahn it's a little bird Paula...all it wants is its nest. All it wants is it's nest Paula...why can't you give it back its nest?" Her car drove off with me yelling. Now this was Tuesday at 12:20PM with traffic and busy Christmas shoppers all around. Never was any profanity used ever. Another incident occurred when a small group of use were walking in a circle at the service entrance chanting and two men and a boy came up Madison. When I realized that they going into 927 Fifth I attempted to take a picture of the (at least 15 feet away). The older man yelled "Don't you dare photograph me!" I couldn't get the camera to focus so I pressed the flash only at them and they went inside. The man cursed at me. I was delighted when I realised that cameras really gets to them.

So now the first story got turned into I approached two little boys and screamed at them saying "your parents are going to pay for this". I would never even be able to identify these kids. I certainly never said any such thing. They even claimed that once I jumped out of a car and began taking pictures of them. I don't own a car and I never came to the vigil in a car, I have a bike. But what it is Alex is that they've got what they wanted. They got rid of the ringleader so they can delay the crap out of putting the nest back hoping that the birds will go away.

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Dear Lincoln,

I was very upset today when I read that the AP fired you in connection with your defense of Pale Male. I am very sorry. The hypocrisy of it all is just unbelievable! I don't know if it will help, but in your defense I wrote the following letter to the AP brass in NY and the President of the Associated Press Managing Editors Association, Deanna Sands:

Dear Ms. Sands, I cannot convey how disturbed was upon learning that the AP had fired Lincoln Karim for his activities in defense of Pale Male. As an organization whose entire existence is based on freedom of speech and expression, it is the height of hypocrisy to fire Mr. Karim because of Paula Zahn's allegations.

The same Constitution that provides AP with freedom of the press also protects Mr. Karim's right to tell that prima donna Zahn and her little brats what he thinks of her and her husband's heartless act against Pale Male. Since when is making a seven year-old cry considered endangering the welfare of a child? Itís preposterous!

Everyone accused of a climate, particularly in New York City, the police a quick to arrest and ask questions later. After the Republican National Convention, how can the AP be so unaware of the NYPD's routine practice of blindly arresting individuals? It's happening every day in this city yet some how new organizations like AP fail to follow the story. Why aren't you reporting on the record number of false arrest lawsuits filed against New York City in recent years? Just talk to the NYACLU and they will show you the statistics. Is it because the NYPD is innocent until proven guilty? So, why are you not affording Mr. Karim that same benefit of the doubt?

Had Mr. Karim not been an employee of AP, you would be legally required to qualify the news of Mr. Karim's arrest with "alleged" or "police say" or face a potential libel suit. But instead you unilaterally deem him to be guilty of a crime he has not been tried for, and fire him to deflect any potential "bad press" from AP. Don't you see the hypocrisy in all of this? With this attitude and the unjust reprisal against Mr. Karim it should come as no surprise that media organizations like the AP have lost all credibility with the American public. Shame on you!

Alex Loach