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December 16, 2009

Within these walls there may hardly be much to capture the admiration of a wandering eye seeking something pure and beautiful.

But perched happily on the outside of those walls, even if there may not be any of the luxuries out there on that rusting railing and weather-beaten paint,

I feel this couple on the outside has them all beaten within when it comes to...

well I really don't know what to call it...

but they have them beat for sure whatever this may be.

and thatís perhaps why my admiration lingers here.

And of course my admiration can be happily distracted to places like this...

watching two baby squirrels wrestle and give each other los of hugs...

and love-bites in special places...

and just lots of warm loving play that you can only get from a baby brother and sister...

She may look alone as she hops along her weary path under the grove of pine trees foraging for scraps of food to survive just one more day...

but somehow I believe she's not alone.

Her needs are small and humble though they are just barely attained each day.

but that seems just enough for her.

Someone somewhere decided that she should have even less than she had and that included the loss of her right foot.

But she still appears to be happy to have the one good foot, the Wind and the Sun and even if she may not know it, she has one more admiration.

Lola appears to have a beautiful distraction somewhere on the Eastside.

All images above photographed on Wednesday December 16, 2009.

A few dried leaves bunched themselves together, and inspired by a spirited breeze cutting through the Locust Grove, they raced eagerly across a dusty path. If I didnít know better I would say that they ran--just by the way their little feet scuttled along the ground. And if I didnít know better I would declare that I heard them laugh and giggle like playful children excited by the refreshing breeze and crisp sunlight which bounced and sparkled and warmed their faces and made their little leafy eyes squint when they tried to spy at a flock of waxwings flying across the deep blue sky.
Maybe someday I will really know better, and Iíll see that they were indeed running and laughing and squinting just as all happy, excited and beautifully inspired leaves ought to be.

Buttercup's Christmas Tree