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December 14, 2009

Riverside Park Mom joining her mate in a tree near the River Run Playground.

Riverside Park Dad.

Both Riverside Park parents in a tree near the River Run Playground.

Riverside Park Dad getting food near the playground.

This and the next three images shows a starling expelling a cherry which it perhaps sucked out the juice.

All images above photographed on December 11, 2009.

I received a very upsetting report from Dr Ward Stone that a red-tailed hawk was found dead in Central Park sometime last week. It was turned over to him by the Urban Park Rangers. The necropsy revealed internal hemorrhaging which was likely caused by an anti-coagulant rodenticide. The exact poison has not been determined thus far.
All rat poisoning in Central Park must stop immediately! All old baiting stations must be collected and disposed safely. This includes poisoning by the MET, Tavern On The Green, the Loeb Boathouse and all other deceptively private businesses inside Central Park.
Many of you received letters from Adrien Benepe and Doug Blonsky stating that the welfare of wildlife is of utmost importance in Central Park so they should have no problem removing all baiting stations from the Park.
'311' though annoying and time consuming is the most effective way to communicate to the authorities because a case number is generated by the 311 operator. The number will most likely be 'C-1...XXXXXXX'. This means that the report will get the attention of all concerned so that something will be done.

Buttercup's Christmas Tree