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December 13, 2008

Red-headed woodpecker in the Locust Grove, Central Park.

Palemale on the Great Lawn.

Riverside Mom (Palemale's daughter) on a lightpole on the Westside Highway at 79th Street. She suffered a broken upper mandible about two weeks ago.

Riverside Park Dad just before moving over to a tree where minutes later he'll be joind by his mate.

Riverside Park Mom making a last attempt to catch a rat in a bush near 79th Street.

Riverside Mom (foreground) with her mate just above her as they go to sleep on Saturday evening.

Palemale on the Great lawn.

Squirrel mom taking a break from nest building in the Ramble, Central Park.

The very busy red-headed wookpecker in the Locust Grove.

Palemale; the best reason I can think of for waking up each morning.

All images photographed on Saturday December 13, 2008.