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December 12, 2009

It's worth all the frozen fingertips and back pain to stand humbly on the ground and receive this divine look.

Someone who has a great, wonderful Plan placed you here...

It is probably the same someone who makes the sky blue. So sleep peacefully my precious little friend, and all will be as Planned.

Dear Mr Michael Bloomberg;
You murdered my kind and you still shamelessly walk free. I am too occupied answering a call that is far above you and your heinous actions to harbor any hate for you. In fact I pity you and can't think of a worse fate for you than for you to be exactly who you are. Please live long and endure your present life, we have been blessed with a worthwhile place on this planet and we are living up to it.

Lola looks toward Madison Avenue from her perch on an east terrace of the Oreo building (980 Fifth Avenue).

A neighbor of Palemale and Lola looks things over near the Alice In Wonderland statue.

Lola drops by her Cooper's hawk neighbor to see that all was right.

I feel that all trees are obsessed with making a safe comfortable place for all the planet's animals to enjoy.

All images above photographed on Saturday December 12, 2009.

Buttercup's Christmas Tree