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December 1, 2009

Everything and everyone was moving exceptionally fast--this was noteworthy to an observer, and remarkable I may add, since there was so much comfort to be had in just being still.
I could not explain this lust to move though, and I relished the ease I enjoyed by standing still.
But they all moved every one of them, even the trees bowed and swayed and twitched with every passing breeze. Some leaves gathered themselves in bunches and swept across the path like playful sparrows, but I stayed quietly to the side and just watched them all.

A youngster in the Maintenance Meadow area.

You may see quite clearly that he has no fear...of having his tummy tickled.

It appears that Palemale gave a half eaten piece of food to Lola in this elaborate exchange here...

I'm really not sure sure what happened, I only tried to figure it out after it happened.

Whatever it may have been it was quite loud and Lola ended up with food.

If you see the Sun hastening across the sky on the other side of the world tonight, you can be assured that he is not being rude by not taking the time to stop and engage his attention on distractions along his merry path, but rather he is eager to rise up behind the East River only to see Lola’s sleeping face in her special window.
Then you’ll see how slow he moves as he watches her wake and he to caress her beautiful face with his warm light. Until morning comes, sleep Lola and have warm and beautiful Sunny dreams all through the night.

All images above photographed from Central Park; Tuesday December 1, 2009.