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December 10, 2012

Monday December 10, 2012.

Believe it or not NYC has an agency paid to protect the environment from this kind of stuff. But this agency, the Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), turns a blind eye to this.
Instead of addressing this sort of nasty pollution...
they would go after innocent Canada Geese. Notice that this man is hired by the Central Park Conservancy (Geese Police) to chase wild geese away from the water bodies in Central Park. The man claims that geese pollute the water and kill fish. The CP Conservancy failed to provide evidence of any tests they did to show pollution by geese nor could they show me any dead fish. The man expressed concern for pollution but notice that his vehicle's engine was left idling continually.
The Central Park Conservancy is the biggest polluter of the park through their use of deadly pesticides, their failure to use environmentally clean vehicles and their destruction of trees and wildlife for superficial purposes. Yet they focus on innocent creatures like Canada Geese--not to mention that when the geese are chased away all other wildlife on the pond are distressed.

Buildings along Fifth Avenue and Central Park West appear to be immune from any penalties by the NYC DEP for their daily pollution of the air.