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Dec 6-13, 2005

Pale Male looking down on the protesters across the street from 927 Fifth Ave – December 12, 2004

Pale Male on Linda#1 during the protests last year – December 12, 2004

All images below photographed Sunday December 11, 2005

Animals are the only people in whose company you’re not pressured to speak...

Screech (new) near Bow Bridge.

Lola & Pale Male flew quite a lot today. I saw them through the trees in The Ramble.

Pale Male went to sleep here just after 5PM this evening--his Pilgrim Hill tree.

Spent several hours at the Model Sailboat Pond on Saturday with no sign of any hawks. I packed too much gear and was unable to walk through the icy paths. I'm planning to take less with me today to have some more Rambility.

Pale Male on Linda #6 - April 9, 2004

This Kestral perched in on top a London Plane (I think), between 927 Fifth $ Dr Fisher's Building - Saturday December 10, 2005.

If anyone know of a more beautiful creature please send a picture and I'll be happy to replace this one.

I would love to forget about it, but I cannot - Thursday December 9, 2004

Pale Male perched on a tree and quietly watches the building where his nest was destroyed two days before - Thursday December 9, 2004

Lola perched in a closer tree and also watches silently - Thursday December 9, 2004

It is probably out of her understanding that their nest was willfully destroyed by us...'must have been a very strong wind that did it', she is probably thinking inside her pure mind - Thursday December 9, 2004

Two Pale Male supporters at the drained Model Sailboat Pond last year - Thursday December 9, 2004

December 7th, 2005

Dear Pale Male and Lola:

On behalf of my fellow human beings I want to say sorry for the wrong that was done to you on this day one year ago. My wish for you is that you never ever learn to understand these very words I write. Your ignorance of our deceitful language is what sets you high above our shoddy existence. It was this very language which we foolishly boast of, that was used to destroy your beautiful nest on this day last year. Please continue to fly high above our heads so my friends and I can have someone to look up to, because down here there is an awful short supply of human beings to admire.

On Sunday December 5, 2004 one year ago, Pale Male & Lola do their special dance in front of their nest. Two days later their nest was destroyed.

According to The US Fish & Wildlife's Lee Schneckenburger: 'Our office sent an agent to inspect that nestsite and found that it was abandoned'

The US Fish & Wildlife just had no idea how many eyes, and hearts, were watching.

(below--pictures taken this weekend):

Pale Male visited this tree on Saturday to commend the thousands of leaves that attempted to match his tail color. In a short speech made to the proud group just as a thick cloud drifting southwest unleashed a strong beam of sunlight that set them ablaze, Pale Male said to them:
"You should not value the color that you have attained without remembering the color from which you came." Before his words could register on their eager little ears, a strong wind—perhaps the same which caused the thick cloud to drift southwest, set most of them aloft. It was a sight worth the frozen fingertips to stand and watch from the ground, and even for a moment the heaviness of the human load that I carry was also gently set aloft.

On Saturday around noon, Lola inspects some work done by Pale Male earlier in the day.

Pale Male watches her from the Linda Building hoping that she approves.