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December 30-31, 2005

A shot in the dark late this evening just before the big guy flew out

Red Screech was back in his gray friend's roost today.

Frederic Lilien at The MSB Pond today.

All photographs above taken on Saturday December 31, 2005

The Cooper's Hawk harassed The Great Horned Owl early this morning.

I may never learn the reason why Cooper was so upset with The Great since they hunt at opposite times. I don't want to think that The Great may have eaten a close friend of Cooper.

I really cannot tell what the red spot on Great's belly is. From the various angles I reviewed and by the fact that he never paid any attention to it I will say it's remnants of last night's dinner.

The Great demonstrates his contempt for Cooper.

Red was back in his tree today after several days of sleeping over at Gray's.

Only this titmouse was able to tell if Gray was home today.

I believe the reason the Gray Owl didn't show his face today was because of this guy. I found him perched just a few yards away from Gray's tree.

All photographs above taken on Friday December 30, 2005


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