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Palemale deciding to head off to sleep early than to deal with the snow for food.

Feeling rather despondent with not seeing Lola for so long, I sat next to my camera and watched Palemale through the heavy snow yesterday and began to make a list of miracles which I would like to see come my way.

As my list grew I suddenly began to get wary of how one miracle, should I be granted it, could affect another. So I immediately started to shuffle the priorities on my list of miracles which only served to make me more distrustful of my own reasoning.

This mental exercise did nothing more than compound my despondency so I set forth instead to list the miracles which I had already been granted.

Unexpectedly, I was flushed out of my unhappiness as the joy of all that stood before me was realized and I felt like a wretch for asking for more.

I watched the little creature scratching his face on the window across the street; there was the top of the list for a miracle granted. My eyes to see him, and legs to follow him; there are two nice miracles again right there. When I considered that I had grown to have the heart to appreciate him, I donít know how many miracles it took to make that happen.

All at once the blizzard wasnít bad weather at all, but just happy little raindrops each delighting in their own miracle to become a snowflake.

Soon there was no more reaching out for more of those precious miracles, I simply and wholeheartedly embraced all the beautiful ones I had and my arms and heart were both contented.

All images above photographed in Central Park on Monday December 27, 2010.

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