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December 26-29, 2005


Pale Male & Lola last week - Dec 23, 2005

Taken last year from Bow Bridge on December 29th. The delay in removing the rig after the structure was installed was yet another attempt by the building's to keep Pale Male & Lola away.

The image on the left was photographed from Bow Bridge last year. The one on the right was taken last week from The MSB Pond so it's looking up at the nest more than the other.

She is somebody's mother.

She's somebody's daughter - Charlotte in Sheep Meadow Dec 22, 05.

He is somebody's son - Pale Male Jr. in The Mall Dec 22, 05.

They all deserve respect - Big Louie near The Hawk Bench Dec 23, 05.

I was somewhat depressed all day since two whole days of the long weekend was ruined by rain and low light. But later in the evening after lying on a rock just east of this guyís tree I didnít feel so bad. All these animals have to tolerate more than just bad weather and they never complain. In less than a week there would be once again that asinine fireworks fiasco in the heart of Central Park which would scare the living daylights out of all the parkís creatures and they would just have to live with it.
So lying back on that rock and watching this big guy stretching and yawning and enjoying every moment of his life took away my rotten mood and made me appreciate even the nicely sloping rock which made me so comfortable that I dozed off a few times.
Two young squirrels arm wrestling and grabbing each otherís tail as they played also helped me remember that a good day is not always one filled with beautiful sunlight, but rather a good day is one filled with the delightful faces of wild animals (whether I can photograph them or not). Great Horned Owl - Saturday December 24, 05

'Big Louie's legs

Big Louie