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December 26, 2011

A familiar face which has been showing up once in a while over the past several weeks in Central Park.
I see no reason to keep his roost a secret because I believe everyone who reads this information are responsible caring people. In fact the more people who knows where he/she is roosting the better the chances that he has to be protected. It happens that his roost on Monday was in a pine tree just east of Bethesda Fountain, very close to where fireworks is traditionally erupted from Central Park every News Years Eve.
If someone really wanted to protect this owl and the many other precious wildlife we have in Central Park they would write letters to stop terrifying events like fireworks and disruptive concerts which causes turmoil to the sleeping/hunting animals in the park. I believe that this will be much more effective in protecting the park's wildlife than keeping his whereabouts secret.

All images above taken in Central Park, Monday December 26, 2011.