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December 24, 2005


He's not really that fat, but he's back after yesterday's absence from his regular roost.

Pale Male (I think) plays (or chases) a young hawk near 78th Street & Fifth Ave.

Pale Male makes use of any contraption to perch, in lieu of the rails that have been removed since construction began on this building (The Stovepipe Building)several weeks ago.

Robins feast on this spring-like day. Norma's scientific name for these berries are 'little red berries'--what would I do without her?

These little guys brings nothing but joy to anyone that comes across them. Regardless of your mood, if you took the time to watch them go about their daily business they’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.
If you hear a little rustling in your attic, or if you see some of your wires chewed please cope with it a little until we receive that long awaited transmission from outer space indicating that there’s life out there. Until then please let’s appreciate these little guys, and allow them that little place they need to live in peace with us.

According to other observers the little red screech in inside this hole. By the looks of his roommate, the novelty of shacking up somehow must have worn off.

As much as I love him I must confess that when I heard he left the park on Friday I was relieved.

Lola looks down from a tree on Pilgrim Hill.

Lola flies in front of The Oreo Building.

Lola on Pilgrim Hill.

Pigeons & Grackles take a bath in the thin layer of water being pumped back into the pond for winter.

A pigeon enjoys the Sun & water.

Pale Male joins Lola on the nest this morning.

The Gray Screech in his very conspicuous roost.