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Due to citywide budget cuts, New York police are forced to take shorter routes to Dunkin Donuts.

Palemale building hopping along Fifth Avenue.

Palemale watches an NYPD vehicle passing very close to his perch.

Palemale going to sleep in an evergreen. I didn't see Lola all through the day.

All images above photographed in Central Park on Sunday December 19, 2010.

To my friends taking part in the Audubonís Annual Christmas Bird Count:

I believe that birds need more people to respect them and less people to count them, so I am convinced that they need lovers more than they do auditors.
I always get the feeling that a census is a precursor to a genocide.
Still, if you've made up your mind to venture out on that annual bird count, then please take with you a ceramic cup and plate and some lightweight flatware so that you would use the least amount of disposable products when you sit down to eat after the event--which I believe is the highlight of your bird count anyway. By saving a paper cup here and a plastic fork there you may do some small amount of good for the very birds youíre counting.
Regardless of how small that good is, be assured that it may be better than any good that can come out of your counting. It may also be one small but effective step in doing something to help preserve something for others to count in the years ahead.
I am tempted to ask you to refrain from eating any birds on your bird counting day but that may be too much of a shock to your body. One last thing I would like to ask of you; if you see Palemale or Lola during your activities, please do not count them, I like to think of them as something much more than a mere number.

Thank you,

December 19, 2010 (S) newitem211341040