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December 18, 2010 (L)

Palemale joining Lola on one of her favorite perches at the rear of the Oreo Building (980 Fifth Avenue). If I didn't know better I would be tempted to say that this was not Lola with her much darker belly as it appears here.
(This was not Lola as suspected, it is a new hawk which Palemale has attracted after her disappearance sometime after December 4th).

Lola appears very dark, seen here behind the wire mesh. I have never seen Palemale sit on her special perch here, or maybe I did--just can't remember.
(And it is not Lola, this is a very dark red tail hawk that is now frequenting all Lola's old perches).



Palemale picked an evergreen to sleep tonight.

All images above photographed in Central Park on Saturday December 18, 2010.